All work and no play... No, really, I'm working and playing at the same time. Quite the way to do it. Time flies, while I'm having fun in my studio.

Well, there has not been a lot of activity here for a couple of weeks. The school-part of my life, nevertheless, is more turbulent. I'm in the midst of my exam work, with loads of other things around. Especially meetings. I'll be a meeting professional within a few months. But I really do enjoy this period, turbulent as it may be. My work gives me a lot of energy right now!

Tomorrow you can have a sneak peek at my work at our Steneby Bachelor's Blog.

Last Sunday included chocolate semlor, a very abandoned house, a poem by Tomas Tranströmer, mossy old shoes (nice moss though) on a road trip where uncertainty was the only rule. Let's say we took the road less travelled by.

I was in Värmland last week, doing research for my exam work. Apart from taking photographs, having lots of fika and revisiting dear places, I have been browsing through multiple second hand shops in my search for material to use in my project. The thought is to make some sort of installation out of found objects with a connection to my "native lands". I have no idea where this will end. What I do have is a lot of odd little things. More photos to come.