The market was great! Not that I did sell much there and then, but just meeting and talking to all these people was extremely rewarding. And after the market, things has started to happen in my shop! "Skvattram" seems to be the most popular colour at the moment...

Now I will spend the rest of the evening packing orders :)

See more pictures from the market at Fine Little Day.

And one more thing, I just found the mittens on this lovely blog

3 kommentarer:

  1. What a lovely blog you have!

    Tusen takk for de nydelige vottene som kom i posten i dag! Nå ønsker jeg meg enda et par, i gult!

  2. Annas Camping: Roligt att du gillar vantarna! Och det finns två sorters gula vantar i shopen, ljusgula eller senapsgula... ;)