My webshop is not so tidy at the moment. Many colours are finished up and so the photo is not so up to date as it should be. I am about to update soon, with only the colours available and nice photo(s). I will eventually add some "new" colours to the range - some really nice ones.

But I do forgive myself for being such a lazy bugger. I have had a nice and fairly unoccupied holiday, where FIKA has been the main purpose of everything. Ate my last Lucia saffron bun yesterday.

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  1. I just run on your blog from designsponge and immediately dropped the link in my bookmarks. Have a great week!:-)

  2. Greetings from Vancouver, BC, Canada! Your wool mittens are beautiful and I love their history. How much is shipping to Canada? What size are the gloves, i.e., smallish or largish for a female? What are the dimensions?

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello there! Nice that you like the mittens :) The shipping to Canada would be about 9 dollars. The mittens are all a bit different in size, depending on my way of knitting that day. But generally, I tend to make them quite tight. But you would still be able to wear a pair of thinner gloves underneath, if the wind is nasty. They are about 24 centimeters long and 9 centimeters wide, but a bit stretchy of course, since they are knitted. Hope I managed to explain quite clearly there :)