Up the Inland Railroad

One day we took the train up north, going first on the old Inland Railroad (Inlandsbanan), and then continuing on the Mining District Railroad (Bergslagsbanan). The goal was Grythyttan, a tiny old town in the mining district. The place was founded by Queen Kristina in the 17th century, when they started mining silver here. We visited the Grythyttan Hostelry, once established upon the Queen's request - nowadays one of Sweden's finest restaurants! The lunch was a real treat, and the numerous drawing rooms were crammed with wonderful furniture, textiles, crockery and paintings.

Taking a walk around town, I couldn't help noticing the strange contrast between the obvious signs that this once was a prosperous industrial center, the richly decorated wooden houses (and the size of some of them!) - and the regular eerie feeling of any godforsaken little town in the Swedish countryside. Time had in many places been standing absolutely still for at least 50 years. Still this area is full activity. Altogether - I loved the place!

The church was covered in WOODEN SCALLOPS.

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