TRÅD fanzine

"TRÅD is a biannual fanzine focusing on the subject of innovation and sustainability in fashion. It features articles by designers and other creatives within the field of fashion and textiles."

"Thirteen Swedish artists, designers and entrepreneurs are interviewed or tell us about their work in the fanzine. They have in common that they all work with fashion and sustainability by using sustainable materials and methods or by offering a different approach to the mainstream fashion system.  Erik Annerborn forecasts the death of dinosaur’s aka the big old fast fashion companies. Deadwood Leather tells us about how they make classic biker jackets in a non-classic way and the artist Maria E Harrysson, who made a special print that comes with the fanzine, invited us to her studio, showing us the process of her work. The fanzine is available (only in Swedish) in a few selected fashion stores in Stockholm or by mailorder. ("


I'm contributing with a written piece about Granliden mittens (of course), time, upcycling material and site specificity. I'm thinking about making a translation of the text and put it here on the blog, for all of you who don't know Swedish :)

Read more about the project in its whole here.

More to come!

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