Finally, the prints are up in the shop! They are nice digital prints on off-white 240g paper. Shipping included in the price.

The first is a picture I made from a photo taken in the Garden at Bodnant in Wales when my granny, grandad and auntie were there in 1972.

The second is a photo that my mom took in the summer of 1982 at Granliden, when they had just dyed a big batch of Coschenille wool. Yes, it's the same wool as in the mittens!

The third is the "Empty Room"-project I did in my second year, where I built a little altar using old family tableware and kitchen paraphernalia.

The fourth is one of the pages in my fanzine, Xhärad.

I'm reallly pleased I got around to do them, after having been thinking about it for quite some time. Enjoy!

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