The previous post with the little red house made me long for summer. It's -17 outside now! How long will I have to wait? I'm so Swedish.

The red house in this post is not the same as the other one, it's a sorry little thing on the other side of the road from our country house. A friend of my grandmother's was born and raised there; Ethel, a textile artist. It's a very sweet little house, which I would like to repair one day. It deserves better.

Another nice thing that you can only do in the summertime is going on the little 1960's railbus in Dalsland. That was my way of transportation when I worked at a gallery last summer. Not bad at all.

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  1. we were driving through dalsland just today - it was beautiful with all the snow and the blue sky, and absolutely freezing. i have started to dream about spring and summer too now... but april is less than two months away!