You can always trust Fine Little Day for new, inspiring things. Recently stumbled across the work of Sabine Timm. Well, I'm inspired now! These pictures make me realise, somehow, what creativity means to me and why there is no end to my ideas or lust for making things all the time...

I'm gathering loads of inspirational material these days, in terms of preparing for my upcoming BFA exam project. Starts in three weeks!

And like the autumn project, my work still evolves around my "native lands"; identity, origin and our family photographs. This photograph from 1965 shows my great grandmother and friend outside the house where she grew up. I would like to find out if that house still exists. The start of my project will be a little expedition to Värmland, quite naturally.

3 kommentarer:

  1. i think this project is great! they are some of the themes i have been working with too, in my photographs, so it is all particularly interesting to me. i look forward to see more!

  2. Thank you! You know, I keep an eye on your work too... I really like the tone in your photographs, something I try to capture myself I believe.

  3. thank you right back, that is very sweet of you! and i think that we do capture some similar tones in our work :)