I found a hole and went inside it.

Yesterday was the opening of the WOW! - Walking on water exhibition at Galleri Vals. It is a water themed group exhibition and I show my boats with embroidered sails. There is also a film collage of short clips where some of my boat videos are featured. The whole thing is accompanied by a collage of water sounds, put together by artist Joe Bell. It's situated in Håverud by the Dalsland canal, so there is also a constant sound of pouring water from the locks outside the gallery - quite an experience! Go and see. Photographs does not do it justice...

The endless Garden at Bodnant. Also to be seen here and here.

Working on the graphics and packaging for my Granliden mittens. It will be pretty, very pretty. For some reason I have become a bit obsessed with round images - I like them a lot.

One part of the identity project I did in school this winter, and also part of my ongoing project "Solbacken Revisited".