L/R Residency, part 3

A tour around Klungtveit house. 

It had this typical summer house feeling about it, with an eclectic collection of furniture, books, porcelain, old clothes and other things. Just the kind of place I like to stay in.

L/R Residency, part 2

Settling in at Klungtveit farm. It was a strange experience to come out into the vast nothingness of this faraway place, discovering that there was no outcome at all for the stress and speed I brought with me from the city. Here, I had all the time in the world for doing what I wanted - I will keep coming back to time and the use of it. 

So, the first days was all about slowing down. Took time to discover the place inside and out. Sitting down at the mountainside in the sun, looking at the view, drinking instant coffee, carving on a piece of wood, winding a tangled skein of yarn, doing nothing. And after a while, starting to work on the projects I wanted to do.

L/R Residency, part 1

I have just come home from my little residency at Lukkeskåra/Rådlausjuvet at Klungtveit farm in Suldal, Norway. Five days in absolute silence, serenity and solitude. Not exactly a time for peace of mind, but rather an intense rush of thoughts that suddenly could emerge in this still and quiet place.

It took some time to settle into this new pace (or the lack of it), and I totally lost my sense of time - simply because time did not matter. The key experience I bring with me home is that there is so much time. It is about the way one spends it.

Needless to say, I got things done. I'm struggling to organize the humongous number of photos I took during my stay, and will post them here in short chapters for as long as they last. On Instagram as well. 

This is a part of the project Tales from the Woods, previously posted here. Our work can also be followed on Facebook. Soon, it's time for the next part - the collaboration project and symposium in Tartu, Estonia. Looking forward to that!

TRÅD fanzine

"TRÅD is a biannual fanzine focusing on the subject of innovation and sustainability in fashion. It features articles by designers and other creatives within the field of fashion and textiles."

"Thirteen Swedish artists, designers and entrepreneurs are interviewed or tell us about their work in the fanzine. They have in common that they all work with fashion and sustainability by using sustainable materials and methods or by offering a different approach to the mainstream fashion system.  Erik Annerborn forecasts the death of dinosaur’s aka the big old fast fashion companies. Deadwood Leather tells us about how they make classic biker jackets in a non-classic way and the artist Maria E Harrysson, who made a special print that comes with the fanzine, invited us to her studio, showing us the process of her work. The fanzine is available (only in Swedish) in a few selected fashion stores in Stockholm or by mailorder. (trad@futurethreadsproject.com)"


I'm contributing with a written piece about Granliden mittens (of course), time, upcycling material and site specificity. I'm thinking about making a translation of the text and put it here on the blog, for all of you who don't know Swedish :)

Read more about the project in its whole here.

More to come!