Enjoying the holidays. I was in charge of decorating the christmas tree.

Recently started using Pinterest. Fun! And perfect pastime :)

It's proper winter in Värmland now.


Finally, the prints are up in the shop! They are nice digital prints on off-white 240g paper. Shipping included in the price.

The first is a picture I made from a photo taken in the Garden at Bodnant in Wales when my granny, grandad and auntie were there in 1972.

The second is a photo that my mom took in the summer of 1982 at Granliden, when they had just dyed a big batch of Coschenille wool. Yes, it's the same wool as in the mittens!

The third is the "Empty Room"-project I did in my second year, where I built a little altar using old family tableware and kitchen paraphernalia.

The fourth is one of the pages in my fanzine, Xhärad.

I'm reallly pleased I got around to do them, after having been thinking about it for quite some time. Enjoy!

Julform went well! Pretty intense - I was almost knacked by the time I got home - but great. It's such good practise in communication in every way. I played around a bit with my display, too see how people approached it. Very interesting. After I threw all the mittens out on the table, business increased :)

Met a lot of inspiring people, and did some trading with some of them a the end of the market - for example this awesome print, and a fine velvet pillow case. I like trading.

Photos from top to bottom:
- My display, with a sneak peek of the new prints that will soon be up in the shop
- Loads of mittens
- Cute embroidered table cloth
- Lovely pillow cases and holiday cards by Pernilla Andersson
- More pillow cases by Cecilia Pettersson
- Ceramic cups and crockery by Camilla Engdahl
- Foldable cards by RioRio
- Prints by One Must Dash

Coming up: JULFORM 2011 - Christmas market at Röhsska museet in Gothenburg. If in town, this will be the place to visit! I suppose it will be packed with people, fika and all sorts of nice things to look at and buy. I'm going to show my Granliden mittens, and some new prints that will be available in the shop shortly after the market!

JULFORM 2011 9-11 December at Röhsska museet (Vasagatan 37-39)
Friday 16-19
Saturday 11-17
Sunday 11-17

This week I am also Elisabeth's assistant at Fine Little Day, helping her out with all sorts of things. There are a lot of preparations to be done before the market, and the studio was crowded with people the whole day through. It was a lot of fun, I like it busy! 

See more of what we did on her blog.

I also took the chance to get some new shots of the mittens. The colour "Krapp" (red) is missing in the photos, but will be back for the market. I just got them from my granny in the mail today! And of course, they are just perfect.

Here are some photographs I took this autumn using a borrowed Olympus OM-1 with a 21mm wide-angle lens. There is something about analogue photography, maybe it's the slowness of the process I like? Or simply the idea that it is analogue. I seem to have a weakness for the tedious and ceremonious, be it either knitting or photography. Efficiency is not my trademark.