Got this invitation in my inbox today. Grand opening on Saturday 28th at Mimmi Staaf Möbelmakeri, a brand new shop in Stockholm where you can buy remake furniture, jewellery, books, Granliden mittens and more. Unfortunately I won't be in Stockholm this weekend, but I'll make sure to drop by next time I'm there! 

And what an honour to be featured in the same shop as both Elisabeth Dunker and Donna Wilson...

Ta-da! Next weekend I'll be featured at INTERNATIONAL STYLE STATION at Depot BG in Amsterdam! How nice is that! 

It's an exhibition and pop-up-store featuring a selection of young creatives from different areas such as photography, jewellery, graphic design, craft and fashion. I'll show and sell the Granliden mittens as well as the Scallops prints. If you are in Amsterdam, be sure to check it out!

And thank you, organizers Zsuzsanna Ilijin, Sandra Turina and Barbara Hennequin, for inviting me :) I'm glad to take part in an event like this!

Today, I'm packing mittens to send to a soon-to-be-opened shop in Stockholm and to an exhibition in... More about that later!

Meanwhile, I'm eating lots of fruit.

While being home for the holidays, I took the chance to go through some old boxes (my favourite thing to do) and found things from my mum's childhood. Wooden toys, 50's Lego and little picture books. 

This one, Charles Perrault's "Puss in boots" (or "Mästerkatten i stövlar" in Swedish) was among the stories I admired the most as a kid, probably because of the fantastic illustrations by John Parr Miller. I just image googled him and oh my, it's going to be a long night. Mid-century picture book illustrations, I just can't get enough of them. I suggest you too image google J P Miller now.

Yesterday, we got in the car and went to see Richard in the workshop at Not Quite in Fengersfors. We also had lunch, and lots of tea of course.

Remember the special thing I wrote about some time ago?
Today I am featured at Design Sponge in one of their Sneak Peeks. I had a lot of fun taking the photos and putting together the text. The ones featured above are a bit older. They are my first pictures of this place, actually. Four years ago. A bit more messy, perhaps. Still nice though.

My webshop is not so tidy at the moment. Many colours are finished up and so the photo is not so up to date as it should be. I am about to update soon, with only the colours available and nice photo(s). I will eventually add some "new" colours to the range - some really nice ones.

But I do forgive myself for being such a lazy bugger. I have had a nice and fairly unoccupied holiday, where FIKA has been the main purpose of everything. Ate my last Lucia saffron bun yesterday.

This little house is situated in Kristinehamn, not far from the house where I grew up. I have always walked past it and liked it. Now I have heard that it might be demolished. What a shame! It's a really lovely house, with two big rooms, one bedroom and tilted 50's cabinet doors in the kitchen. I dream of taking it over, perhaps turning it into a combined studio and tiny gallery... I don't know how, but it must be rescued somehow.