In with the new

I have been giving my portfolio a slight make-over, since it had started to feel a little outdated lately. Things are in the making, and my idea of a good portfolio is ever changing. It is maybe less descriptive in its present form, but I'd like to try letting the images speak for themselves. I think they can handle it.

This one above might very soon (most likely) appear in a fanzine I'm making as a sort of spin off from my exam project. The photo was taken on this spot on a chilly and grey day last summer. Jenny and I spent a day wandering in the woods, looking at views, taking photos and having late breakfast in a quiet house.

And the webshop is updated!

They're finally finished, the first batch of the new Granliden Mittens! Some of them have fingers, some only a thumb - which means one more choice to make, except from the many colours...

The shop will be continuosly updated, since the mitten supply naturally is quite limited. At the moment there is just one pair of each colour, but I will knit knit knit and restock constantly - though some colours will be finished up sooner than others, due to the different quantities of each dye.

But, isn't it more exciting that way? :) I can't take special orders any more, so be sure to keep an eye on your favourite colour!

Any day now

Spent yesterday afternoon in Fredrik's studio, getting some help with taking my picture for a little press feature that will be out in December. More about that later.

The original purpose for the studio visit was to take some final shots of the new mittens, before updating my webshop for the autumn. But. Though I'm knitting like mad to be able to release the new Granliden Mittens, being done with the first batch already this week proved to be quite impossible. So instead I did this little teaser through Instagram.

Hopefully, I'll have updated the shop by the end of next week. Come back here for news and updates!

In Santa Croce with no Baedeker

Firenze, I think I'm a little bit in love with you. Two days can never be enough, but I hope to see you again soon ♥ 
In the mean time, I sing your praise with a heavy image post.

I had the best time strolling up and down the streets, eating gelato, taking photos of bicycles, buying old post cards at the second hand market, gazing in bakery shop windows and at marble statues - and opening my newly purchased copy of E.M Forsters "A Room With a View" along with an espresso doppio under a loggia at the Pallazzo Strozzi. Perfection.

A room with a view (part 2)

Some more pictures from the house in La Romola. It was so quiet and still - a perfect place to work. I spent a lot of my time there knitting, writing and reading, all at a very slow pace. Still I got so much done. An equation to ponder on...

As you can see, a new addition to the Granliden collection was born. Originally an idea from my friend Linnéa, a knitted hat is of course the obvious complement to the mittens. I'm currently working on the final design and pattern. What do you think?