High summer pt. 2

At our summer place.

High summer pt. 1

My mum's definition of "summer" is as simple as it is true: It's the time when all activities normally performed indoors is moved to the outdoors.

I don't want to sleep at night because it's so light and warm. And I don't want to stay in bed in the morning because it's so light and warm. I want to do all my eating, working, reading, partying, playing, writing, knitting outside. And I do!

We are having the best summer in Sweden this year, better than in a long time :)


So, this is what it could look like, the "Scallops" wallpaper. 
I'm thinking about how I'm going to use it when I get my hands on it - I have quite a few ideas :)

There is no way I will ever get tired of this simple kind of pattern. We may have seen the scallop shape being used in different kinds of ways for years by now, but just like a true classic, it doesn't go out of style. It is a shape I will always come back to. It is such a perfect ornament! Visual, fun and simple - just as I like it.

Styling and photo by Fine Little Day

Curated by Fine Little Day

Dear everyone!

My "Scallops" print has turned into wallpaper, as a part of the Curated by Fine Little Day Collection for Photowall Sweden! It is a collection of wallpapers selected by brilliant Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day, and are being released one per day this week. 

I am quite proud to be represented in the same collection as such talented people as Kindra Murphy, Mogu Takahashi, Cecilia Pettersson and Steffie Brocoli!

Take a closer look at the project at the Fine Little Day and Photowall blogs. And stay tuned for more to come!