10 items of inspiration

I am not very good at sorting stuff, although I love the concept of it. I also love Pinterest, although it forces me to sort stuff in categories all the time. Here is some recent loveliness.

1. Wallpapered stairs
3. Wisdom
6. Cute woodsy gift wrapping

The first month of summer

May is my favourite month of the year. According to an old Swedish saying, the time between the blossoming of the bird cherry and that of the lilac is the time to go on holiday. So I did.

As a fairly new resident of Gothenburg, I have taken some time to explore the nearby area of Majorna - my current favourite part of town, with old wooden buildings and lots of green. The photos above are from the annual "Mega-Loppis" - that one Saturday in May when the whole neighbourhood turns into a giant second hand market!

Now, it's time to leave town for the summer.