Here are the Granliden mittens in the Swedish Elle Interiör November issue! It sure looks good, this first magazine feature. Photo by brilliant Elisabeth Dunker. Actually, some of these colours are sold out by now, but I'll do a little update in my webshop soon where some "new" ones will be introduced. They are mostly different shades of brown, but oh so lovely!

Today is the release of new webshop We Love This Product! I am one of the featured artists/designers and the product they love is my mittens, in Skvattram dye. They are availabe here,and here you can read more about the concept.

I understand that I will probably have to do some new dyes myself sooner of later, as the found wool is slowly decreasing. There will be a new collection of mittens from wool dyed by me, in a smaller selection of colours. I think I would go for indigo, coschenille, birch leaves and different kinds of lichen - which means blue, pink, yellow and brown.

I will do it dressed like this ♥

Finished another pair this morning. I never seem to get fed up with them. Knitting is such a superb mix of boredom and excitement.

Trying some ideas out for the mitten fanzine...

Spent this morning taking photographs of my home. Not something I usually do, but it is for a special thing that will probably be out before christmas... Stay tuned :)

Today we had our mid-term presentation, discussing our work so far. I'm working with a project about home, origin, identity and family. It's a kind of transcription of a certain mood that I find in our family photographs but also in some places I knew as a child. (This one in particular...)

The project will continue until after christmas, then it will most likely transform into my exam work (which I'm looking forward to with a feeling of delight mixed with terror)

Some more photos of the presentation can be seen on my Flickr.

There are a lot of mittens going on at the moment.

First, they are soon appearing in the "Hemslöjden 100 år" exhibition (opens 12th November) in Skövde, Sweden - a celebration of Swedish craft through a hundred years. Second, they are featured in the December issue of Swedish Elle Interiör. Looks pretty fabulous. Will post a copy of the spread here soon. And last but not least, I have been in touch with a few shops that are interested in stocking my mittens! Not bad at all. So, from now on I have to knit like a little machine. I decided I could use some assistance, and have now "employed" my dear granny to help me knit! My spinoff project is slowly turning into a family business.

I'm slowly, very slowly, trying to document my work... This is one of the first things I did this autumn, another mirrored image with Värmland embroidery. At the moment, I'm working on a huge (monumental!) piece of embroidery. Photos are on their way!