Some day, soon

It seems like the light is coming back.
Sunny day in the studio today.

Introducing the Sampler Mittens

As I have now been knitting the Granliden Mittens for several years (since 2011, more exactly), the supply of vegetable dyed yarns is decreasing. It was part of the upcycling investigation, both seeing how long it would last, and trying to communicate the finite nature of the mitten production to those who wanted to buy a pair. Get them now, or that particular colour will be gone forever! Certainly an odd way of running a business, the concept of development and growth being completely detached from the whole thing.

At the moment, as most of the balls of yarn has shrunk to the size of… let's say, a meatball, I needed to take a new direction. 
As a way of using this material to the absolute end, I decided to make tinier patterns. They are inspired by or found in old pattern books, as well as old cross stitch samplers. So, here are the Sampler Mittens!

Available in the shop as from NOW.