I'm spending time in our colour lab, working from the samples I did from the photos ealier. It is slow and time-consuming work, but fun and rewarding. The feeling of being able to make the exact colour you want is quite satisfactory! The result is soon to be shown here...

Doing embroidery on photographs and knitting mittens in a "new" colour: Vassblommor/Reed flower... Soon available in the shop.

Things are happening, but slowly. I have edited the photos from the "Rio de Sandfallsberget" series... I'm working on a small collection of photographic prints to be sold in my shop.

Today: Making colour samples from the old photos. Nice. 
Borrowed the idea from here.

In order to help my endless hunt for images, I decided to start a new blog only for inspirational images, Bergslagsgatan. For the following months, I will use it as an image bank for my autumn project in school, which I started today... Printing, cutting and glueing into books is sometimes just too slow.

I can't remember where the lovely dress comes from, but I know I found it on tumblr and thought "I wish I made that!"