A painting my grandmother did in 1946, the same year my dad was born.

Stitching with no needle 1

Cross stitch ink drawing on paper

New project: Stand where you dig!

The first project I've thrown myself into in 2015 is an illustration relay blog! Called STAND WHERE YOU DIG/STAND WHERE YOU'RE DIGGING, which we think is a good motto generally in life.

It's as simple as it sounds: The first person makes a picture, which the next person use as inspiration for the next picture - and so on! It's a project between myself, Angelica Edin, Katarina Frisö, Linn Schildt and Victoria Olsson-Bill.

Tomorrow is my day! 


Let's start the new year with a small sale. When digging through my small supply of knitwear, I stumbled upon these two hats. Why aren´t they warming somebody's head somewhere in the world? Why did I keep them at the bottom of a box instead of putting them up for sale in the shop? Heaven knows, but it's been corrected now. 

So, here are two fine Granliden Hats, one in Indigo and one in Cochineal dye, ready to be shipped. 40 € apiece! It's a medium fit, but quite stretchy. There are only these two. Proceed to the shop here!

Twelfth night

I'm back in Gothenburg after spending the last week of 2014 at my family's place in Wermland. Now, new year, new projects, high ambitions and planning for the future. 

Here's to 2015!