"Blood, ashes, tea and money - Story through material"

Exam show opening yesterday at the Butterfly House! We worked hard to make it good, and I'm very pleased with the result. The whole day was super busy, so there are almost no photos from the actual opening. But it sure was great! 

The photos above include work by Hilda Fürst, Eleonora Bergström, Carl-Johan Gunnarsson, Cajsa Branchetti Hallberg, Jacob Granath, Jun Furukawa & Ludvig Ödman (plus more in the background...)

The exhibition is on until June 23rd, so if in Gothenburg, make sure to stop by :)

And thanks to Hilda, Anna, Clara, Diana, Calle, Magnus, Pär, Johanna, Eleonora, Charlotte, Cajsa, Kiwa, Chris, Jeff, Ulrika, Jokum, Josh, Barbro, Valdemar, Håkan, Björn, Jacob, Jun, Ludde, Jessica and Larry for making this exhibition come together! Good work.

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