Post-basar report

The Basar was quite a success! People "broke" in ten minutes before the official starting time, and from then and for 3 hours ahead the space was completely jam-packed!

I sold mittens, vintage clothes, prints and zines and barely had time to take a sip of tea in between. I enjoyed it enormously! It's always so much fun to meet all you people, with your  sweet compliments and pep talk. Knitting and studio work can sometimes be a little lonely, so I really need to get out there every once in a while.

And once again, Bergslagsgatan teamed up with Up the Wooden Hills, sharing a stand. Our things go very well together, both in concept and colour scheme :) 

I will tell you more about the vintage part of this soon. It's an idea I'm testing - a way of expanding my webshop...

In the meantime, please enjoy the three photos I managed to take during the busy busy Basar! There are perhaps a few more snaps over at Instagram. Also, check out the #basargbg hashtag to see more of the other vendors.

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